How to choose a GPS navigator

GPS navigator is a device for determining your location and plotting the best road to your destination. Despite the broad capabilities of smartphones, the device is in demand due to its functionality. In addition, the navigation device uses less battery power. Depending on the purpose of use, you need to know which model and with which characteristics to choose . There are several criteria that determine a good navigator, we will consider them below. Find more here: best nav for car

GPS navigator by installation principle

Navigators are a necessary device, which is successfully used by drivers, including taxi drivers, but devices are used not only for vehicles. Therefore, manufacturers have created several models according to the installation method:

• Stationary . Most often purchased for installation on river, sea transport, occasionally for installation in a car. Equipped with a large diagonal screen, they are heavy when compared with other models. In terms of functions, they are better equipped than portable navigation systems. The device is connected to an external power source and battery operation is either not provided, or is limited to a small number of hours of operation. The disadvantage of a stationary GPS navigator is the impossibility of using it outside the water or vehicle. The kit includes all the necessary fasteners.

• Portable. They belong to universal models, they can have a variety of functions, ranging from the ability to play media files and ending with the functions of a game console.

• Modular. Such navigation systems do not act as a standalone gadget. At its core, it is an electronic module that connects to a smartphone, laptop, tablet.

GPS selection by electronic component

To choose the best navigator for Ukraine , you need to understand the hardware of the gadget. We will analyze all the important points that you need to consider before buying:

1. Display . Now all navigators are equipped with a touch screen for ease of use. Therefore, we will not touch on this issue, but there are a number of criteria that are important for selection:

• The first thing to pay attention to is the size of the diagonal. The larger it is, the better the information is visually perceived, but devices with a large diagonal are more expensive.

• Color depth. For a navigation device, 16-256 colors are enough, if it is supplemented with video viewing functions, the ability to play games, then it is better to take a device with 65 thousand colors.

• Frame frequency. The higher it is, the clearer the image of small details, 30 frames per second is enough for the navigator.

• Viewing angle. For comfortable use, 50 ° is enough, the maximum viewing angle without deterioration of image visibility is up to 120 °.

1. Random access memory . One of the important parameters that is responsible for the speed of GPS, therefore, the higher this indicator, the faster the device will download any changes on the way and will not "slow down" in other operating modes. Basically, the market offers models with 256-1024 MB RAM.

2. Built-in memory . This indicator determines how much information, laid routes can be stored in the device. Although often navigators provide for the connection of an additional memory card.

3. CPU . The frequency of the process also affects the performance and speed of the device. When choosing, the same principle applies - the higher the CPU, the better. A navigator, for example, for taxi drivers must have a high frequency.

4. Antenna . A navigator is a receiving device that receives information from a satellite, for this it is equipped with an antenna. It can be placed inside the navigator or outside. The internal antenna provides a small size of the device, but the signal receives weaker due to its suppression by the housing and interference from other parts, less power-consuming. An external antenna makes the device larger, but such a device receives better signal.

5. GPS navigator interface . The presence of a module for connecting WI-FI mobile Internet or a telephone module for using the device as a phone.